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Times like this, it can feel so hard to know how to feel. One day your sad, next day your okay, and then the next day you feel a combination of sadness and joy. Joy because you are safe in your home, but sad because life as we knew it is different. 

Listen, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have experienced anxiety and depression and conquered them both! This is my story of triumph through adversity. I drop MAJOR gems that you can use to support you through your feelings. No one likes to feel alone, and with my book you don't have too! 

This book has nothing but 5 star reviews on Amazon from people who have found healing and peace, even before the quarantine experience!  GET YOUR COPY WITH FREE SHIPPING TODAY! ​

Still on the fence? 


See what one reader wrote below:

Trelaine Neville

Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020

"I absolutely loved reading this book!! The best thing about it is her transparency!!! It’s interesting to hear that there are people out there that are battling some of the same things that you are and have overcome! So inspirational!!!!! It’s also great that we now have more individuals who are not afraid of the mental health stigma!!! I am Grateful that God has allowed Tanesha to want to help others to live a life full of happiness and most important taking care of themselves!!!! This is a must read!!!"