No one is more important than you.

"No One Is More Important Than You"

 "No One Is More Important Than You" 


The woman behind the vision

My name is Taneshia Johnson, MSW. I am a social worker and community advocate. I have worked with people of all economic status and cultures for over 18 years. One thing that I find common regardless of race, gender, or culture is lack of self-care. Many people I work with spend more time helping family and friends than themselves. They lack the energy and dedication to complete their own goals and desires for life because they are exhausting themselves supporting others. If any of this resonates with you, I want you to know I understand and have experienced your pain.


After 30 years of living for other people, I decided to take care of me. I now live a life thinking of myself first, not feeling guilt or shame for doing so, and being able to set boundaries with loved ones. I learned that I had to become my own advocate and voice. I can help you do the same! Subscribe to my mailing list and check out my latest videos on YouTube.  Remember, No one should be more important to you, than you.


"I attended a workshop put on by TJ.  I learned a lot and left with valuable tools I can use in my everyday life. Her calm style and openness differentiates her from other therapists/coaches. I highly recommend her."

Alexis Cobbins,  

Associate Director, California Preterm Birth Initative





If you're ready to get started with your journey to self-care, would like to book me as a speaker or panelist for your next event, or simply have a question for me, complete the form below!
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