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Tired, exhausted and used. I know EXACTLY how you feel! You have been trying for awhile now, but setting boundaries with family and friends does not seem to be working for you. I want you to know I have personally been there and have helped hundreds of clients! I have the solution you have been waiting for!


In this webinar you are getting:


1. The 4 steps to setting boundaries successfully.


2. How to avoid being manipulated and gaslighted by narcassitic and toxic people.


3. How to use your self awareness skills to help you set boundaries, AND clear examples of multiple ways to set boundaries that have helped my clients and I KNOW will help you!


This workshop includes:


1. One 55 minute webinar


2.Two Activity Sheets related to boundaries and negative self talk to complete during the webinar .


What are you waiting for! Click the link and add this workshop to your cart! It is EXACTLY what you need!

Digital Webinar | Reclaim Your Peace: Set Boundaries and Mean It

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