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No one ever said recovering from codependency and people pleasing is supposed to be fun, so when Taneshia Johnson started her healing journey, she expected a few bumps in the road. However, she wasn’t prepared for what was really in store—a roller-coaster of volatile emotions, fractured relationships, and heart-wrenching grief. One moment she feels empowered while taking charge of her life; and the next, she’s doubting every move, wishing she could fast forward to a magical time in the future when the complicated process of healing is a thing of the distant past.



In this powerful memoir, Taneshia takes readers along on her courageous journey of healing and self-discovery with unapologetic honesty. As she navigates the peaks and valleys of healthy communication, setting boundaries, and embracing the power of “no”, her story becomes a mirror for readers, inviting them to start their own transformative journeys.


Are you ready to rewrite your story and embrace a healing journey that doesn’t conform to expectations? Healing Doesn’t Look Like That is your invitation to start.


All books come with a digital workbook  to help you focus on your own healing journey and get the results you deserve and need!  The workbook is broken into four sections designed to support you in the following areas:


1. Dealing with feelings of rejection and abandonment

2. Set healthy boundaries and learn to accept other people's responses.

3. Reconnect with yourself and your needs

4.  Re-Discover your new identity as you heal


Purchasing for a book club? Purchase 10 books or more and I will virutally meet up with you and your club! Send me an email after your purchase to schedule.

Healing Doesn't Look LIke That

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