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If you have been looking for a book that will help you define what it looks like to take care of yourself and live a life making yourself a priority this is it! When Depression And Anxiety Have A Voice is a book of triumph! It is a story of self love and self care. I walk you through my journey of defining what it looks like to let go of other people's baggage and live your own life. I learned some hard lessons about what self care really looks like, and I want to save you tears and time. It is time for you to live for YOU! No one is more important than you!


This book has nothing but 5 stars on Amazon from readers who have used my book as their guide to internal peace and freedom! Read what one reader said below:


 Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2020


"This story will have you hooked from page one! Reading the author's story had me thinking about my own story in such a thought provoking way. It was written in a way that untill the end I didn't realize how the author was providing me the self help information I needed. I love how the tone and language wasnt telling me steps but showing me how the steps and process she took got her through her pass. Self care is often this uncomfortable intangible thing but the book and stories made it come to life and put color to what is often vague and hard to describe to others. Amazing read and encourage you to invest in yourself"




All copyrights of this book belong to Taneshia Johnson of TJselfcare Publishing 

When Depression And Anxiety Have A Voice (Electronic Book)

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