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My Voice Is My Strength 

Use your voice to get your needs met! You hold the power

What if the way we were communicating was the real problem? Have you ever sat back and listen to how you communicate your needs? Does it sound clear and concise? What is the feedback you get from others?  Are you being vulnerable with others and acknowledging your own pain?


If people often ask you over and over how you feel,  what your words mean, or if they overall do the complete opposite of what you ask- it could be that you need to strengthen your communication skills.


This course will give you the tools you need to communicate clearly and set boundaries in love with those you care about. 


  • Stop people-pleasing and focus on yourself.

  • Set boundaries in a way that honors you.

  • Improve communication skills.

  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say in love; not anger and resentment

  • Understand why you struggle to speak up for yourself, and how to get past it.

  • Gain insights from your family history and how it may be impacting you in your adult life.

  • Connect with your inner child and past hurts and pains that are holding you back in life

One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart.” 

What can I expect?

Week 1 Topics: What happened to my voice? 


We will work through your childhood experiences and do some shadow work to help you identify and pinpoint when you recall losing your voice.  You will be given two assignments to help you reflect on things you were taught about yourself and who you are, and ways you can re-identify who you are and how you want to communicate and show up in the World. 

What are my boundaries and needs? And how do I communicate with them?

We will discuss what are your needs in relationships. Needs are universal' everyone has them. We have done a good job of being self-reliant, however this can affect our relationships and burn us out. Over week one we will also go over what are some needs you have for support, love, guidance, being listened to etc. and how you can begin to communicate those needs to others in the midst of confrontation. 

Week 2 Topics:  What does open communication and vulnerability look like for me?

For us to get our voice heard and needs met in our relationships we have to be vulnerable about how we feel and acknowledge our pain. Are you showing yourself self-compassion as well as others compassion when you are expressing yourself?

During week two you will be asked to write out 3 examples of times you communicated your feelings to someone, and what the outcome was. You will be given 2 assignments in addition to this to help you get comfortable with using clear, concise, and compassionate statements every time confrontation occurs in your relationships. 

By the time you end this two-week course you will be a pro! 

BONUS: There will be a third check-in week for those that need it to process how things are going thus far. 

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